1/26/15 - Geesh, I really need to overhaul this site. Its been too long since my last update.

12/24/8 - Updated Games Page Layout & Added titles to the listing, and a couple links (1:26am).

12/18/8 - Updated Anime List, Re-Arranged a few things, also updated my Wishlist (in the the About section).

4/19/8 - Fixed Counter.

3/15/8 - Been a while, been real hectic around here, and promised updates slipped through the cracks. Most new stuff will be added under 'Artwork'.

10/31/7 - Added the Anime List to the side panel, on the left.

8/16/7 - Updated a few links, Graphics, Artwork, and Discussion.

6/13/7 - Alright, its time to do some cleaning, some sections will be merging into anothr section, Graphics and Artwork will combine under Graphics, and they will both move to a new location, I need to reconstruct the video game page, as well as a few other pages, but I'll be working on all this this month.

3/31/7 - Yes! It's been quite a while, nearly 9 months, but the next update will have to wait, you see I'm saving up for a computer (currentl uses webtv), and updating the site with webtv is a strain on my patience. It'll be so much easier and quicker to add/update on a pc. So no more updates until May.

6/12/6 - I'll be working on Reviews to add this following week, so expect some additions next weekend.

3/17/6 - Today, St. Patrick's Day, is also my brother's Birthday, I got him a DVD, and am planning on either getting him a cd, or a gift card later, well before we all meet over at my mom's house. I am going to start updating my Minis page.

1/17/6 - I've Updated the Video Games page into the current layout, I also might start reviewing movies that I've rented.

12/2/5 - Well I've really been putting off a lot of stuff, but I hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

8/31/5 - Updated Discussion forum url.

8/30/5 - Went to check out the GSHI board, and it was whiped clean, then checked the site and it was gone, so I updated my GameShark Link. I don't know if GSHI will return or not.

07/10/05 - Well its my birthday again. Happy Birthday Me! Anyways, I'll be adding an Eternal Ring review page soon, may need to play through it again though. heh.

06/01/05 - Added 5 Walls to Graphics -> Walls

03/21/05 - Wow have I gotten behind. Well hopefully I'll start adding to/updating the Games section soon. Sames goes for the Graphics section >.<