Rhapsody: A Musical Aventure

Codes hacked by Wanizame/SharkMe

On the 3.2v of a GSPro

Normal Joker Command

D004BA30 ????
Infinite HP / MP
Cornet :

Position 1 :

Position 2 :

Position 3 :

8004BFFE 03E7
8004BFFC 03E7
8004C022 03E7
8004C020 03E7
8004C046 03E7
8004C044 03E7
8004C06A 03E7
8004C068 03E7
Lots of EXP After Battles 800DEA54 03E8
Lots of Intonium After Battles 800DEA58 03E8
Cornet's Rewards

Enable all Reward Spells at Start of Battle

8004BCAE 0001E
Have All [Inf.] Items

Gives you: All Healing/Support Items
All Illustrations, & All Event/Key Items.

50001601 0000
3004BBEC 6363
50003001 0000
3004BC02 6363
Crazy Cursor

Cursor sometimes moves on its own.
[World Map]

8004BA5C 1000
Used Codes -

None N/A