Rage Racer

Codes hacked by Wanizame/SharkMe

On the 3.2v of a GSPro

Easy Money

Notes: Gives you 3200c for
1st-3rd place @ Mythical Coast
3400 for 1st @ Overpass City
2000 for 1st @ Lakeside Gate (Class 1 only).

8007BBFC 0C80
8007BBF4 0C80
8007BBEC 0C80
8007BC44 0D48
8007BC8C 07D0
All Gold Trophies

Notes: You'll start with 99 of
each trophy, and the tilte
screen will also be in gold.

8019C84A 0063
8019C84E 0063
8019C852 0063
8019C856 0063
8019C85A 0063
8019C85E 0063
8019C862 0063
8019C866 0063
8019C86A 0063
8019C86E 0063
8019C872 0063
Used Codes -

Codes found on GSCentral

Always Place 1st 8009E53C 0001
Inf. Credits 8019C610 C9FF
8019C612 3B9A
Inf. Tries 801E3FFA 0005

R4 Ridge Racer Type 4

Used Codes -

Codes found on GSCentral

Quick Race

Notes: Press Select to start on
the 3rd Lap after crossing
the Starting Line.

D00F3BEA 0100
800AC236 0003