Game Info.
Genre: RPG
# of Players: 1
# of Disks: 1
System: PSOne
Blocks: 1
--Sweet Candy
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Gold Border
Deep Ocean
Wild Arms
Monster Mouth
Phazer Zapp
Wild Arms is an RPG that revolves around the lives of three main characters, Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy. In Wild Arms, you may start as any of these three characters until ultimately they all end up together. You'll learn that in order to conquer this game, you must have complete teamwork capabilities, no other game series stresses this fact more than Wild Arms.

The Plot - Like most games, a great evil threatens the land, and its up to your characters to thwart it. In Wild Arms, the threat is the Demons, they are 'machines', and their leader is Mother, the destroyer of worlds..

Magic - There are 64 spells Cecilia can learn, at first you'll only be able to learn 32 of them, 16 of Black Magic, 16 of White Magic, later when you get access to the outter sea, you can learn High Magic, mostly these spells will hit either in groups or all enemies, but they also deal more damage.

Summons - The 'summons' in Wild Arms are called Guardians, they are the protectors of Filgaia, you have to search the world for their Runes, they cost Zero MP, but you must have 50FP (Force Points) to summon them, at the beginning of the game they might not do much damage, later on there are some that will do over 9000 damage, Equiping a Guardian Rune will also boost certain stats.

Skills - As mentioned above Cecilia uses Magic, Jack will use Fast Draw sword skills, these cost MP, but if you can find any Secret Signs, you can reduce the amount of MP it costs to use them. Rudy will use ARMs, yes Rudy uses various gun related attack skills, like Hand Cannon & Prism Ray.

Tools - These are for in the field use, like Towns, or Dungeons, each character can have up to four tools, Cecilia's first is the Tear Drop, Rudy's first are Bombs, and Jack's first is Hanpan, as you progress each character will earn 3 more tools.

Mini-Games - In the very beginning, there will be a 'fair' of sorts, where you can play various mini-games, like whack-a-mole, time trials, and other lil' goodies, but they do cost gella ($).

Secrets - There are good handful of secrets to keep you busy, like the Phazer Zapp listed on the left.

Buy VS Rent : I bought this game, you should too, if you can find a copy of it anywhere.

Challenge : It's a hard game if you dont try to involve Celecila in some strategy, if you use tactics you shouldn't have very many problems, other than the puzzles.

Fun - Was the game fun to play? Yes it was fun to play, I especially luved the Custom window design, I made about 5 different designs, then one Ultimate design, that reads Wild Arms in the background of the window.