Genre : Racing
Developer : Psygnosis
# of Players : 2
# of Discs : 1
System : PSOne
Blocks : 1
Goteki45 Pic
Goteki45 Pic2
Opening Shot
At first glance this may seem like just another racing game, that all you have to do is enter a tournament (season) race and win win win. Or at least thats what it seemed like when I popped this game into my PSX
After completing the tournament mode, I went into Arcade mode, thus getting into the real guts of the game. Arcade mode is where you can earn new tracks, teams, and prototype tracks for every class.

Secrets : the game doesn't hold too many secrets, just 'hidden' teams/tracks, there's a few passwords as well.
However, it can take you 1-3 hours to earn everything in the vector class, that being 4 extra teams, 4 extra tracks and 1 prototype track. So where the game lacks in the amount of secrets it makes up in the time you'll spend unlocking them.

Classes : The game is constructed by using 4 racing classes, the only difference between them is your allowed max speed. Oh yeah.. the faster you go the harder it is to control your craft. The classes go as - Vector, Venom, Rapier, and Phantom.

Gameplay : Your goal is to get all Gold medals for every track in Arcade mode, getting gold medals unlocks stuff. You choose from 1 of 4 teams (until you unlock more), and race through the tracks. Like in the previous games your crafts can pick-up weapons to either use on your opponets or to protect yourself from them. There's also turbo arrows, that when you hover over them they temporarly increase your speed.
An added bonus is that you can take the game into 2 Player Mode, where you can split the screen verictally or horazontally. But in 2P mode you're missing the cockpit view..

Music : The music played during the races is all 'techno', you can listen to the songs in the game menu, or alternatively pop the game disc into a CD player and skip the 1st track (1st track is almost always fuzz or blank, depending on your cd player).

Playablity : I played this game for about an hour in tournament mode, to say the least I got bored with it, and then I tried out Arcade mode (single player), and I had fun obtaining gold medals in the vector class, it took me about 3 hours, and it was easy.. but that's cause the vector class is the easiest. I haven't attempted to try getting gold for the 3 other classes.

Buy VS Rent : Well I got this game for $15, and most places cost $5 to rent games, so If you can find it for $15-$10, I'd say buy it. Cause It's not just a game, it can double as a music cd, so even if you get tired of playing it, you can still listen to it.

Tidbits : My favorite team was Goteki45, they had good handling and good armor, so you could pretty much push your opponets around in a race, without losing much armor. My second favorite team was Pirhana-A, Great handling, ok speed, poor shields. (hidden team).