Genre : RPG
Developer : Enix
# of Players : 1
# of Discs : 2
System : PSOne
Blocks : 1

Extras :
Hero Wall
Kiefer Wall

Dream Camisol
Kiefer Avatar
Hero Avatar
Lizard Avatar
Intro midi

Story Intro :
You live on a small island surrounded on all sides by raging seas. It is the only island in the world or at least, thats what it's inhabitants think.
In ages past, many a young hero set out across the waters in search of adventure and new lands, only to find leagues of empty ocean. In the end the seafares returned empty-handed. Could this tiny island really be all there is in the world?
You are the hero of this tale, an ordinary boy who has lived his whole life upon this tiny island....
To learn the entire story you'll have to play the game

Summery :
Graphics - The towns and surroundings are 3d, while the Characters remain 2d, if the Hero is facing you and you rotate the camera angles its almost as if he is following the lense.

Control - This may vairy per person but for me the controls were pretty easy to learn. Others that didnt read the instruction booklet though had trouble learning how to pick up items.

Character Depth - Like in most RPG's the main character doesn't speak to often, I was kinda dissappointed in that. Kiefer, Maribel, Aira, Melvin and Gabo though all have speaking roles and they are all vital to your quest.

Story - It has an interesting take, you have to go back in time and save other continents from their destructive fate, and then visit them in the present.

Dungeons - There are tons of dungeons in this game, more than enough to keep you busy.

Mini-Games - Casinos, the Casinos have Slot machines, Black Jack, Poker, and a Card Matching game.

Side Quests - Monster Park, Sim Town, Tiny Metals.

Emotion - There are some points in the game that you can get emtional over.

Ending - The ending is sound, they don't leave out a thing.

Buy VS Rent - Buy this game.

Guides & Help :

- Getting Started In-Depth Guide (UC)
- Monster Quotes FAQ
- GameShark Codes

Characters :

The Hero | < href="Kiefer.jpg">Prince Kiefer